Mercedes-Benz Genuine Brake Pads & Brake Discs

Brake Pads and Brake Discs
Brakes on the vehicle have to deliver consistently stopping power when needed.

They have to work reliably under:
• Different weather conditions
• High temperatures from heavy braking.
• High hydraulic pressure from the hydraulics and safety systems.

To perform under these challenging operating conditions, Mercedes-Benz genuine brake pads and brake discs:
• Use a carefully calculated combination of friction material to resist overheating under heavy use.
• Are developed according to the requirements of each Mercedes-Benz model, in conjunction with the on-board vehicle safety systems ABS/ESP.

In combination, our Mercedes-Benz genuine brake pads and brake discs give a comfortable ride, even when the brakes are applied suddenly. They will not wear each other out prematurely.
These give you the result of optimal braking performance under different weather or vehicle load and braking comfort for the driver and passengers and thus improve your safety.
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