The optional extras in the CapaCity

Mercedes-Benz OM 457 hLA engine, 260 kW at 2000 rpm, Mt(max) = 1600 Nm at 1100 rpm
Horizontally installed engine
ZF Ecomat automatic transmission, 6-speed, HP 602
ZF Ecolife automatic transmission
Voith DIWA automatic transmission
Emergency driving programme for automatic transmission
Euro V or EEV engine emissions limit
Transmission changeover switch for Eco/Power mode in electrics compartment.
Automatic changeover depending on topography
Vehicle capable of running on rapeseed oil methyl ester (bio-diesel) fuel
ZF AV-132/87 rear axle, 37:19
Brake lamp also comes on when retarder is activated
Vehicle raised back to normal level after preceding kneeling procedure, initiated as last door is being closed
Air suspension via electronic level control with kneeling, deadman's control, functions only when doors are closed, lowering on door side (difference of 60 mm)
275/70 R 22.5 tyres and 8.25 x 22.5 wheels, mid-centred

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Changes may have been made to the technical data since this product information went to press. This data sheet only provides a selection of equipment/appointments available. Certain optional extras may not affect the price. Please consult your Mercedes-Benz Bus and Coach unit Sales Consultant for final details.



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