Special equipment in the Travego.

Engine Travego Travego M Travego L
Mercedes-Benz OM 502 LA engine, 350 kW, Euro V - x x
MB GO 280-8 MPS automated manual transmission x x x
Rear axle ratio i=2.846 x x x
Rear axle ratio i=3.154 x x x
Frequent-stop brake without starting-off lock x x x
Frequent-stop brake with starting-off lock x x x
Michelin tyres x x x
Hub-centred light-alloy wheels x x x
Heated filter for engine and auxiliary heater x x x
Central lubrication system, liquid grease, with electronic timer control x x x
Compressed-air connection at front/rear x x x

Please note:

Changes may have been made to the technical data since this product information went to press. This data sheet only provides a selection of equipment/appointments available. Certain optional extras may not affect the price. Please consult your Mercedes-Benz Bus and Coach unit Sales Consultant for final details.



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