World’s Number one luxury car brand’s showcase event to take place

The Mercedes-Benz Pageant, which opens to lovers and enthusiasts of Mercedes-Benz cars throughout Sri Lanka once a year, is not just a pageant. It is a showcase of benchmarks and greatness, of the ultimate driving experience of the world’s Number One luxury car brand. It is also a gathering where friends, well-wishers, and relatives get together to celebrate the three-pointed star that has driven the world on for the past century and the fellowship it has entailed. This year’s event is the 27th Mercedes-Benz Pageant and will take place at BMICH. Driving-in, in your Mercedes-Benz is the only entry ticket to this exclusive event.


As always, it will be more than a drive-through exhibition, with discerning lovers of Mercedes-Benz being encouraged to take part, be enthralled and have some fun. This year’s pageant, as with previous years, is expected to draw in more than 1,500 people to more than 700 vehicles. Unlike previous Pageants, however, this Pageant is set to be enriched by a very special product line which celebrates half a century this year. 

While AMG will be the highlight of the Pageant, however, it will not be limited in its scope. There are exciting activities awaiting kids, teenagers, ladies and gents. There are exciting gift offers and games as well. Above everything else, however, there will be as exciting opportunities for Mercedes-Benz fans and lovers to get to know each other, to think of friendships that have been nurtured, sustained and added to by the three-pointed star at the centre of the world of automobiles. 

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