With BlueTecEco every route becomes an economy drive

Less than 60 percent of a vehicle's fuel consumption is due to the vehicle's technology: the rest is strongly influenced by factors such as style of driving, weather, traffic conditions and topography. This is the conclusion drawn from a record bid performed under ideal conditions with the Actros* at the Italian test course at Nardo. With a fuel consumption of only 19.44 litres per 100 km and carrying a payload of 25 tons, the standard vehicle, equipped with BlueTec® 5, Mercedes PowerShift 2, extra-wide tyres on the drive axle and aerodynamic panels for tractor vehicle and semitrailer, drove into a place in the Guinness Book of Records**.
The record drive at Nardo makes clear the extent of the savings potential that exists with the Actros, Axor and Atego, when influencing factors such as driving style and practice-oriented know-how are taken into account.

* Actros 1844, 320 kW

** "the most fuel efficient 40-tonne truck", Guinness World Records 2009