Make your insurance company’s day!

It’s not just insurance companies that benefit from fewer accidents. Quite apart from the risk of personal injury to the driver, accidents prevent orders from being processed and generate additional costs. The high levels of safety in the Axor demonstrate just what a truck can do to help prevent accidents.

The entrance, with its non-slip steps and grab handles on both sides, forms part of the extensive list of safety features, as do the generously sized window areas including deep side windows which, together with the mirror system, afford a good all-round view. The flame-retardant, splinter-proof materials used in the interior minimise any risk of injury, while safety can be given an added boost by opting for the driver’s airbag with a belt tensioner. The Axor’s braking distance is particularly short. With the optional Telligent® braking system the Axor can be brought to a standstill even faster.