The base of the body

More effective braking

The brake system and the Telligent® brake system

The Axor comes as standard with an extremely powerful braking system. The pneumatically actuated braking system with internally ventilated discs and ABS maintains a constant high braking pressure of 10 bar which is available at any time. This ensures a rapid brake response and consistently good deceleration figures even after heavy use when the brakes have been applied repeatedly in quick succession. ABS controls the optimum utilisation of braking power, prevents the brakes from locking up and ensures that the Axor can remain manoeuvrable even during a full brake application. The optional Telligent® braking system can considerably shorten the stopping distance even further by relaying the braking signal faster than any mechanical system. By simply measuring the speed with which the brake pedal is depressed, the integral Brake Assist can detect a hazardous situation and apply the maximum braking force instantly. All this saves valuable centimetres.

Options for the Axor include a retarder or the turbobrake, depending on the respective route and application profiles. Both non-wearing brakes enhance safety and ride comfort. What’s more, they also help to cut maintenance and repair costs thanks to the reduced rate of service brake wear.