Creating more room for investment: CharterWay ServiceLeasing

Attractive one-stop solutions. Delivering greater security and economy

CharterWay ServiceLeasing offers tailored vehicle procurement and coverage to ensure operational reliability. It includes individual attachments/mounted parts and all required coverage levels. CharterWay ServiceLeasing incorporates individual CharterWay Service products (Extend, ExtendPlus, BestBasic, Select, SelectPlus and Complete) with traditional leasing packages, including practical mobility services.


Ensured mobility


Constantly operational and flexible


  • Vehicle leasing and service from a single source
  • CharterWay ServiceCard
  • Invoice auditing
  • Vehicle management

Other optional services

Complete our ServiceLeasing products with individual modules

Advantages that pay for themselves:

  • You receive your vehicle of choice
  • Efficient capital management regulates the procurement and operational reliability of your vehicle fleet
  • Let us handle all your administrative procedures to make life a lot easier for your company
  • The combination of service and leasing components lets you make key savings compared with the price of individual components
  • If required, we can also arrange for motor insurance and payment of radio/TV license fees
  • Additional protection: Our ServiceLeasing products deliver automatic protection in the event of theft or total loss following an accident.

Our leasing modules are combined with the following service products as required:

Leasing products

Benefit from favourable fixed payments and tax advantages.