More innovations, enhanced safety, fewer accidents

Exemplary safety – the key requirement is the desire to prevent accidents by introducing innovative solutions. The best example of this is Mercedes-Benz Active Brake Assist 2, which can react to identified stationary obstacles, such as the end of a tailback. The Telligent® brake system can significantly shorten the stopping distance. It features ABS, ASR, 10 bar perm. brake pressure, and internally ventilated disc brakes, which maintain their braking efficiency even under continuous loads. Vehicle cabs should also meet European ECE-R 29 standard, excellent all-round visibility, and shatter-proof, flame-retardant materials without any sharp edges. Protection from dazzling sunlight is provided by roller blinds for the windscreen, driver’s side window and, as an option, the co-driver’s side window. A driver airbag in conjunction with a belt tensioner is optionally available, too. We also understand that safety includes protecting the vehicle and driver from uninvited guests. That’s why we offer an optional extended central locking system, which locks the doors at the touch of a button, and closes any open windows and the roof hatch automatically.

Looking to boost safety? Dynamic control and driver assistance systems can make a significant contribution to enhancing safety for the driver, vehicle and load. These include the optional Telligent® Lane Keeping Assist, which can warn the driver if it detects an unintentional lane change, and optional Telligent® stability control for Actros semitrailer tractors, which can enhance safety on bends and at motorway exits. Telligent® proximity control is another option to ensure safer driving. Deploying the standard-specification combined drive/brake cruise control, the vehicle’s speed and its distance to the vehicle ahead are automatically adjusted in line with the traffic situation. Further options include daylight-simulating light conditions with bi-xenon headlamps and optional Safety Packs.