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Trucks you can trust – the Mercedes-Benz brand commitment

The name Mercedes-Benz has been a guarantee of outstanding quality in commercial vehicles for more than 110 years. Gottlieb Daimler sold the world's first truck in 1896. Mercedes-Benz Trucks is justifiably proud of its history. It sets the industry standard and underpins our commitment to the three-pointed star – both today and in the future.

"Trucks you can trust" is a promise that Mercedes-Benz Trucks customers can rely on today and in the future. To operate a successful business, truck customers need vehicles they can depend on in all scenarios. "Trucks you can trust" is both an internal guiding principle and a commitment from every staff member at Mercedes-Benz Trucks. From customer service to production, employees value competence, dedication and reliability.
Explore the rich history of Mercedes-Benz in the new web special "Trucks you can trust". Find out more about the historical development of Mercedes-Benz Trucks and the challenges mastered by their vehicles.

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