Frame, chassis, suspension

Vehicle handling has not only been improved. It’s been revolutionised

Frame, chassis, suspension and steering – all these elements are combined to form an exceptional unit in the new Actros. It boasts the precision of a Swiss clock and delivers a completely new driving experience: Superior, safer and more relaxed than ever before.

All suspension elements for the new Actros have been redeveloped and perfectly coordinated: From the springs in the new-design seats to the 3 cab mounting variants and 4-bellows air suspension on the rear axle, maximum suspension comfort is ensured. This also helps to reduce the load on the vehicle and support the steering, frame and rear axle guide.


The steering is sensitive and extremely precise. This is possible thanks to enhanced steering gear with improved steering kinematics and a finer coordination of steering power. Speed-dependent assistance from the electronically controlled power steering pump ensures greater operating comfort.

The track width has been extended by 90 mm to 834 mm for improved handling and road-holding. The larger distance between the leaf springs of the standard-specification 4-bellows air-suspension is the icing on the cake. The innovative new rear axle guide also plays a key role. The traditional wishbone control arm has been essentially removed: The connecting points for the two trailing arms on the rear axle have been placed further apart to add stability to the real axle. In combination with the new steering system, this ensures more transverse stability, less roll movement, reduced steering correction and enhanced self-steering characteristics for a superior and safe driving experience. In short, we have not just improved road-holding, we have revolutionised it.