The new Actros

Welcome to a new dimension

Perfectly tailored to the demands of the future – and therefore to yours

From the front apron and the radiator grille right through to the roof: The striking exterior design with its specific long-distance transport style also lends the newly developed Actros a new dimension in visual terms, whilst documenting its inner strengths to impressive effect. Take, for example, the light and friendly ambience and the clear distinction made between the workplace and the living area. With its application-oriented cabs the new Actros opens up hitherto unattained dimensions of working, living and sleeping in long-distance transport: All the cabs measuring 2500 mm in width are available as standard with a level floor – for those with a width of 2300 mm this can be selected as an option. The headroom between the seats is as much as 2.13 m, and there is considerably more room and stowage space than in the predecessor.

The new Actros

Enter a new Actros dimension in long-distance haulage

More efficient than ever

For levels of efficiency that puts everything that has gone before in the shade, we have equipped the new Actros with lots of consumption-reducing innovations and particularly frugal engines: up to 6% less consumption in the case Euro V. In addition to Euro V and EEV, the new Actros is one of the first vehicles to become available with engines which already meet the requirements of Euro VI – with a consumption advantage of up to 3% over its Euro V predecessor. Boasting impressively low overall costs, the new Actros delivers innovative technology and services tailored to your requirements. Services range from the telematics-based FleetBoard® system and CharterWay Complete service to attractive leasing, financing and insurance solutions and driver training courses promoting a driving style that cuts consumption. All these measures lead to in lower costs and increased profit.

More dynamic than ever

For an incomparably good driving experience, we have given the new Actros a new, innovative rear axle guide, a steering system with a precise response and a wider, tauter frame. The engines are characterised by their spontaneous response and are available in four output categories from 310 kW to 375 kW. In conjunction with the standard-specification Mercedes PowerShift 3 automatic gearshift and additional drive modes they ensure profitable motoring pleasure. Plus the new Actros puts many other benefits firmly on the road, such as freely selectable frame overhangs for better body-mounting ability and an extended range of wheelbases. A tank volume of up to 1300 litres in the case of semitrailer tractors and flexible combination options where the individual tanks are concerned increase application orientation even further. In short: The new Actros is perfectly aligned with your requirements and is suitable for virtually any application in long-distance haulage.