The Zetros in the energy sector

When there is no road available, take the direct route

The Zetros combines uncompromising off-road performance with high payloads. Thanks to robust technology and exceptional reliability, it is ideally suited to even the most extreme applications. The perfect commercial vehicle for off-road operation, the Zetros is equal to the biggest challenges in the energy sector – from surface mining to exploration work and building/repairing power networks.

The balanced weight distribution of the state-of-the-art CBE concept provides hours of comfortable off-road driving. High-volume 14.00 R20 tyres ensure a floor clearance of up to 428 mm under the front differential. The optional six-stage Allison automatic transmission with torque converter guarantees smooth gear changes without interrupting tractive power.

The low position of the cab allows attachment of body assemblies such as lifting work platforms or drilling equipment across the entire vehicle length. The Zetros also offers numerous equipment options for special-purpose assemblies. With a permitted GVW of 18 or 27 tonnes, it is ideally suited to off-road transport tasks. It can also be deployed as a workshop vehicle – with crane and tipper functions – or as a supply vehicle.

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