Service and maintenance

Minimum maintenance requirements

Maintenance-friendliness begins already in the development stage at Mercedes-Benz. The new Unimog makes only minimal maintenance demands while keeping a high level of operating safety. Its maintenance intervals – engine oil change every 1200 hours, transmission oil change every 2400 hours – reduce your maintenance costs to a bare minimum. The brake fluid only has to be replaced every two years.

Electronic control displays keep you informed of the oil level, the state of parts subject to wear and also filter clogging. This means that the time otherwise required for manual controls is saved.

All the maintenance work the driver has to do is possible without raising the cab, since all the essential assemblies and components are of easy access. This saves an enormous amount of time and work.

Anti-corrosion protection. Nothing can get under the Unimog's skin

Most of the Unimog parts are cathodic-dip primed to ensure the paint will be able to withstand even the most extreme conditions. The dinitrol underbody protection was especially developed for winter services operation. It ensures protection against rusting under even the most severe environmental conditions. In addition, all electrical connectors are individually protected against humidity and water.

Workshop with Mercedes-Benz quality

Should a malfunction ever occur, the highly trained specialists at our Unimog distributors and customer service stations will be able to put everything right in next to no time. All with the assurance offered by Mercedes-Benz standards of expertise and genuine parts.

Star Diagnosis. Malfunctions easily and rapidly detected. Like all Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles, the Unimog can now be checked with the Star Diagnosis system. Each and every one of the electronic components fitted in the Unimog are diagnosis-capable. The menu-guided test is performed by linking the system up to a central diagnostic connector. This allows all malfunctions to be identified with certainty and then swiftly removed. Every check also ensures automatically that the engine is running in the optimum consumption and exhaust ranges. All the important assemblies and components are of easy access, which minimises repair costs and ensures the vehicle is rapidly available once again.

Spare parts service – competent and speedy

Quality controls ensure the high quality of the spare parts with a year's warranty

Our spare parts logistics and comprehensive service network guarantee brief downtime in the workshop. And if a spare part should ever be unavailable, our spare part express will bring it swiftly, no matter where it is needed. In addition we offer a wide range of practical Unimog accessories.

Warranties – you can depend on them. We offer you a year's warranty on the vehicle and two years warranty on all the drivetrain assemblies (without mileage limitation). After the warranty period there are flexible goodwill benefits depending on the vehicle owner and mileage.

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