In action all year round

Safe runways even during the most inclement weather are essential for trouble-free airport operations. Here the Mercedes-Benz Unimog is a valuable helper all over the world, all year round. From cleaning and maintaining the traffic routing devices to sweeping the access roads and aircraft parking areas. From mowing between runways to operation as a fully-fledged aircraft towing tractor. From de-icing and clearing snow off runway marker lights to winter service with snow plough, snow blower and spreader. Or you can really put the pressure on with the high pressure jet sweeper developed especially for airport operations: the blowing nozzle develops an air speed of up to 500 km/h. So that not a single snowflake stays on the ground.

However, the Unimog does not only guarantee smooth take-offs and landings. If the worst should ever come to the worst it will be reliably there to help – as a robust fire-fighting vehicle with water or foam tank and high-pressure pumps.

Mercedes-Benz Sri Lanka