Fighting forest fires

Going through fire

Steep coasts, sweeping areas of forest, expanses of sand. All over the world there are regions which are not easily traversed by the usual fire-extinguishing vehicles. The solution is close to hand: the Mercedes-Benz Unimog. Thanks to its unbeatable dynamism in difficult terrain it is the ideal patrol vehicle in areas susceptible to fire. And an on-site partner with a unique first-response potential.In fighting forest fires, one thing is an absolute priority: trust in one's vehicle. That's why safety is of utmost importance in the Unimog, down to the smallest technical detail. This starts with its self-protection system. High-pressure atomised spray, a protective grille and a branch deflector all help you to drive through fire walls without being harmed. Additional ex factory protection guarantees that the fire-resistant special casing of the cables is secure. And all key equipment is mechanically protected and raised. For the best possible ground clearance in extreme terrain.In addition the Unimog offers you almost unlimited equipment options for the widest range of tasks. Just a few examples: equipped with a crewcab for up to 6 crew members, you have a rapid team transporter on your side. Or an indispensable aid for fire fighting on foot. Perfect for fighting fires from within the vehicle: the real-life-tested roof hatch. But there's much more. Foam and water tanks with up to 6000 litres of capacity; high, medium or low-pressure pumps; hose reels, stowage compartments for shovels, axes or other tools; and ground sprayers for fighting grass and ground fires: simply choose what best meets your requirements.

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The U 4000/U 5000 fighting forest fires.

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