A cut above the rest

For mowing embankments, verges or shoulders, mulching uncultivated areas or clearing ditches. Whether for a small village or a large town: it doesn’t matter how varied the requirements – the Mercedes-Benz Unimog always has the perfect mowing combination at the ready.

For instance, you can get your work done as a one-man-show with a mowing implement attached to either front or rear. Extremely practical: with VarioPilot® transferable steering, the steering column can easily be shifted from the left-hand side to the right according to the requirements of the task to be done. This means that you always have a clear view of all traffic and working zones. Or you may prefer 2 front-mounted mowers so that you have the choice between one-man and two-man operation. It is even possible to do three things at once on one trip with the triple-mowing combination of verge cutter, front-boom embankment mower and a further embankment mower mounted on the flatbed. No other truck or municipal tractor can be used so efficiently. And in addition, Unimog has two further innovations to make your mowing operations even simpler: a mowing door with a panoramic window and window-wiper plus an air-sprung swivel seat which allows implements to be operated with ease and gives an unimpeded view of the right-hand working area.

Mercedes-Benz Sri Lanka