Equally at home on road or rail

You win both ways

A powerful diesel engine, a high-performance transmission, an all-wheel drive concept with differential locks and a torque converter clutch for smooth starts – the Unimog road-railer is ideally equipped for shunting from the moment it leaves the factory. And at a purchase cost up to 60% lower than that of a conventional shunting engine.

Unrivalled: the drive force is transmitted to the rail track directly via the vehicle's wheels. The benefits for you: maximum traction and up to 1000 t towing capacity. After shunting, you slip off the rails in no time at all, drive along the road to the next work site and get back on the track at any suitable point along the line. As a professional implement carrier, the Unimog has lots more to offer both on and off the tracks: from rail grinding to metro tunnel cleaning; from overhead lines maintenance to winter services with snow plough and rotators. From vegetation control to rescue vehicle, auxiliary truck for disaster relief and mobile workshop. Top shunting performance combined with full operating capacity 365 days a year. That pays off.

Mercedes-Benz Sri Lanka