Superior implement-carrying concept

There's no such thing as "impossible"

When trucks with all-wheel drive or tractors have done all the work they can, the Mercedes-Benz is just getting into its stride. It comes prepared with an unparalleled implement-carrying concept, developed especially to enable you to successfully master even the hardest challenges. From mowing to cleaning with high-pressure cleaners. From the most diverse maintenance tasks to winter services with snow cutter or plough and gritter. From the construction and servicing of extensive supply networks to heavy-duty earth-moving work. From rescue, firefighting and salvage operations to swift transport with multi-axle trailers. And even when working as a shunting locomotive with a towing weight of up to 1000 t, the Unimog is in its element: as a road-railer for road and rail operation. Hop in. You have so very many possibilities.


Mercedes-Benz Sri Lanka