The Unimog U 20

Doing what the big ones can’t

As a universal equipment carrier with a permissible gross vehicle weight of 7.5 t to 9.3 t, the Unimog U 20 is ideally suited to the requirements of municipal works depots. It costs no more than a premium municipal tractor, and offers all the advantages of an AWD truck and the power reserves of a true Unimog.

Unimog U 20 web special

Compact. Economical. Truly Unimog

Great for the city – great for the budget

Crowded and narrow streets, cars parked along the road – they’re all child’s play for the agile Unimog U 20 with short wheelbase. The compact equipment carrier offers plenty of room in its own capacity. From the compact 3-person COE vehicle, which allows enough space for a large platform or various mounted implements, to the most cutting-edge operating convenience and economical, environmentally friendly engines.

This all-round talent is a winner even for tight budgets. You won’t pay any more for a Unimog U 20 than for a high-quality municipal tractor. And you also get the performance of an AWD truck. So don’t just save on the cost of the vehicle, get your money’s worth on maintenance as well.

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