Chassis design

Always in its element

When others reach the end of their tether, the U 20 is eager to really get going. Portal axles,
permanent all-wheel drive, off-road transmission ratio – the U 20 can
tackle any kind of terrain. And meet every challenge.

Turning circle

In terms of mobility, the Unimog U 20 sets standards, too. And keeps on the move long after the others have had to give up. Thanks not least to its short 2.7-metre wheelbase which enables a turning circle just 12.6 m in diameter. With it, the agile implement carrier beats every all-wheel drive truck. On streets encumbered by parked vehicles, at busy crossings, in narrow driveways.

Permanent all-wheel drive

Guarantees excellent traction and directional stability, for instance when driving on snow and ice in winter, or when loading the vehicle on rugged terrain.

Portal axles

Ensure outstanding ground clearance. So you can tackle even impassable terrain – whether or not the Unimog has been fitted with implements.

Coil springs

Give the narrow Unimog the greatest possible stability. And the long spring travel and high degree of axle articulation allows all four wheels to stay in contact with the ground, even over rough terrain.

Single tyres

Advantage over the conventional 4-WD trucks with twin tyres: better traction and lower rolling resistance. And of importance for winter operation: depending on tyre size, snow chains can be fitted.


ABS ensures track-holding and short stopping distances even on slippery road surfaces. Automatic load-sensitive brake control (ALB) ensures evenly distributed braking power for every type of load.


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