Economy and the environment

Stay in the green

At some times powerful, at others sensitive, but fuel-efficient at all times: with the low-maintenance Mercedes-Benz engines together with their innovative BlueTec® SCR diesel technology all municipal work runs smoothly. And what's more: as the Unimog U 20 with BlueTec® has earned the green fine-dust badge, you can drive freely inside all urban environmental protection zones.

Mercedes-Benz engines

Worthwhile performance – that's what the Mercedes-Benz engines in the U 20 stand for: they are just as strong as they are low in maintenance requirements. And for a wealth of good reasons: starting with direct injection and three-valve technology; exhaust turbocharging and charge-air cooling, their steep torque curve, constant output over a wide rpm range, and enormous power reserves. Why not just get started?


The SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) diesel technology from Mercedes-Benz reduces nitrogen oxide and particulate emissions considerably while at the same time optimising fuel consumption without impairing the diesel engine's power output. The principle: and additional catalytic converter reduces nitrogen oxides by means of the additive AdBlue®, a registered trademark of the VDA, Verband der Automobilindustrie, (German Association of the Automotive Industry). The result: the green fine-dust badge for your Unimog U 20.

Driving and working modes

The right engine characteristics at the push of a button: in drive mode, you can benefit from the engine's flexible rev speed characteristics when travelling by road or transporting loads. The work mode ensures minimal rev speed deviations when operating implements or driving off-road, in spite of fluctuating load levels.

Winter maintenance

Well prepared for low temperatures: in the deepest winter, too, the Unimog is ready for action at all times. Intelligent features such as the power-increased battery for enhanced starting off capacity, a heated air drier for the brake system and engine pre-heating all ensure this.


Mercedes-Benz Sri Lanka