Implement drive

Precise power delivery

The U 20 Unimog will get men – and your equipment for a wide range of applications swiftly to the working site. It is equipped with a whole range of powerful, efficient mechanical and hydraulic implement drives, which you will seek in vain in its competitors. And even in the harshest winter your U 20 Unimog is always ready for action. Thanks to its heavy-duty battery to guarantee engine start capability, heated air-dryer for the brake system, fuel and engine pre-heating.

Front power take-off

A direct mechanical drive using the engine powertrain. Ideal for implements with high power requirements. Maximum power delivery: the full engine output (110 kW/150 hp). Electronic engine regulation enables a particularly sensitive continuous adjustment of the power take-off shaft speed between 420 and 1000 rpm.

Power take-offs

The transmission-mounted PTO can drive standard hydraulic pumps, for example for cranes. Operation is via a pull switch on the centre console.

Parameterable on-board electronics

Enables a simple, operation-oriented basic configuration of your of the Unimog U 20 by your Unimog Service partner. And thus relieves the strain on the driver in critical handling situations.

Hydraulic concept

The powerful hydraulic system is the key element in ensuring the high degree of capacity utilisation of the Unimog U 20. The basic package comprises two hydraulic circuits with a flow rate of 24 and 48 l/min respectively and an operating pressure of 200 bar. Snowplough relief included – your indispensable helper for the control of the snow plough or for driving an automated gritter or mowing equipment. Optional: a tipping cylinder for a tipper platform.

Working hydraulics

This equipment package features two independent hydraulics circuits. Circuit I controls the implement movements, while circuit II supplies permanent consumers such as for instance spreaders, with volumes of up to 48 l/min – independently of circuit I. By means of a switch-over valve, the flow volumes of circuit I and circuit II can be
exchanged. This guarantees a secure and convenient control of all implement movements.

Winter maintenance

Well prepared for low temperatures: in the deepest winter, too, the Unimog is ready for action at all times. Intelligent features such as the power-increased battery for enhanced starting off capacity, a heated air drier for the brake system and engine pre-heating all ensure this.

Simple connection

Coloured and numerically-coded hydraulic plugs and connectors make it easy to connect implements, while standardised couplings make it easier to switch implements. Just as convenient: control of the hydraulics via joystick.


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