System and implement-carrying expertise

Vehicle operation at full capacity all year round

One thing is for sure: every operation is unique and represents a new challenge for staff and vehicle. But no matter what arises – with its flexible implement carrier attachment points, the Unimog U 20 is perfectly prepared for the widest range of tasks. From clearing to gritting and snow cutting to mowing. From maintenance work to cleaning, from loading to transporting.

Frame design

The basis for the cost-effective all-year-round use of the Unimog U 20 is its continuous straight ladder frame – designed to withstand maximum thrust and tensile forces. And conceived for simple attachment of several implements up to a maximum permissible gross vehicle weight of 9.3 t.

Defined attachment points

All the attachment points required are factory-installed – at all attachment areas and compatible with the implements you already have or with newly-developed, even more efficient ones.

Two attachment areas

For one, with the front attachment area with standardised front mounting plate, e.g. for a snow plough, flusher, or wood chipper. And then the rear attachment area, for instance for a small rear-mounted crane, rear power lift or machine for removing sieves from manholes and drains.

One mounting area, three options

With or without platform: the attachment space with three-fold usefulness gives the Unimog U 20 great flexibility. To begin with, implements can be mounted on the platform. Secondly, new implement systems can be attached directly to the platform subframe's ball-type fastening points. And thirdly, permanent bodies and implements that are changed with the seasons can be mounted directly on the straight side frame members.


Mercedes-Benz Sri Lanka