The Unimog U 300/U 400/U 500

Built to achieve

Accepts any challenge and copes with it masterfully. Only one vehicle can do this: the uniquely versatile Unimog U 300/U 400/U 500. And what makes this professional implement-carrier over 7.5 t GVW different from all other commercial vehicles? It can be equipped much more individually than any series-produced vehicle.

2-way web special

Switch onto a new track. With the Unimog road-railer.

Much greater performance

It has greater off-road capabilities than a truck. With a top speed of 89 km/h, it leaves every tractor behind. It offers the greatest engine power reserves and operational dependability. A professional for professionals who demand outstanding performance combined with absolute cost-effectiveness for all-year-round operation.


Mercedes-Benz Sri Lanka