Chassis design

Conquering the most difficult terrain

For all those who want to reach their destination without detours: the Unimog U 300/U 400/U 500 just cannot be knocked off balance – neither by snow-covered roads, nor soggy, swampy terrain, nor by hard rocky tracks. This is thanks to its incomparable chassis concept with portal axles, permanent all-wheel drive and many other technical refinements, all of which contribute to make light work of even the most arduous operation. You can count on it.

Portal axles

Guaranteeing excellent ground clearance. This enables you to tackle the most rugged terrain, even with implements mounted – thanks to the high permissible maximum axle loads. The axle tube and differential are far smaller than on a truck and are positioned above the wheel centre.

Permanent all-wheel drive

Ensures excellent grip and directional stability. For instance, when driving in wintry conditions on snow and ice. On arduous off-road terrain: 100% locking of the interaxle differential and of each axle differential while on the move by means of a rotary switch, without tractive power interruption.

Coil springs

Telescopic shock absorbers give the narrow Unimog the greatest possible track width so that all four wheels are in permanent contact with the ground when driving off-road.

Single tyres

Instead of twin tyres, normally used on a 4-WD truck. The advantage: better traction and lower rolling resistance. And you can get the appropriate tyres for every kind of terrain.

tirecontrol tyre pressure regulation system

Press a button to reduce tyre pressure and increase traction while on the move. This way you will not sink into soft ground and will improve your traction and propulsion as well.


Greater safety and driving stability with the anti-lock braking system (ABS). The automatic load-sensitive brake control (ALB) ensures evenly distributed braking power for every load situation.


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