Panoramic cab

Outstanding work environment

Save space on the outside, create roominess inside. The innovative cab concept of the Unimog U 300/U 400/U 500 brings apparent opposites together. The result: an advanced workplace providing the ample comfort and spaciousness needed for a long workday. A place which creates an ambience of wellbeing and thus helps to maintain your health. Take a seat.

Panoramic cab

Deep windscreen, deep-drawn side windows combined with a large rear window and steeply angled bonnet. This enables excellent visibility towards the front of the vehicle, of the implements as well as of their attachment points.

Nimble and exceptionally tough

With a width of only 2.15 m, a front end measuring just 1.15 m, the panoramic cab cuts a great figure when working where space is at a premium. Multiple mounting points and the front axle's higher load capacity are further advantages over a conventional truck.

Less strain on the driver

Making work more pleasant. A pleasant working atmosphere is created thanks to the sprung-mounted and cushioned cab made of non-corroding, heat and sound-insulating fibre-composite materials. Generous headroom and spaciousness make stress-free work possible, even when the task demands long working hours.
Heated seats, windscreen and exterior mirrors guarantee comfortable working conditions, in winter too.


Whether driving or operating implements – all controls and displays are clearly arranged on the multifunction display or centre console.

Special equipment

Optionally available: additional equipment to make your daily work even easier and more pleasant. For example: VarioPilot® transferable steering. The steering column including instrument panel and pedals can be released in an instant and moved to the other side of the cab. Perfect for easy and efficient one-person operation.

Mowing door. Perfect for a two-person team thanks to the enlarged panoramic window enabling a direct view of all implements.

The air-sprung swivel seat in combination with mowing door allows implements to be operated with ease, providing an unimpeded view of the right-hand working area.

Swivelling seat. The ideal complement to the mowing door. Air-sprung and capable of swivelling up to 90º – enables optimum view of working area.


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