Off-road capabilities

Experience the extremes

Whether you have to tackle deep snow-covered roads or hard gravel tracks, floodwaters or hot desert sand, dizzyingly steep downhill stretches or climb gradients of up to 100 %: that’s what the Unimog U 4000/U 5000 is all about. When the terrain demands it, the Unimog rises to the challenge – like no other commercial vehicle.

Short overhangs

Thanks to its coil springs giving long spring travel, obstacles, knolls, steep slope traverses and embankments are easily mastered.

Fording ability

In water up to 1.20 m deep – no problem, thanks to its thrust tube technology, air intake pipe at cab roof height and specially-sealed assemblies

Single tyres

Instead of twin tyres, normally used on a 4-WD truck. The advantage: better traction and lower rolling resistance. And you can get the appropriate tyres for every kind of terrain.

tirecontrol tyre pressure regulation system

Press a button to reduce tyre pressure and increase traction while on the move. This way you will not sink into soft ground and will improve your traction and propulsion as well.

Dual-circuit braking system

For safe braking even on long downhill stretches and carrying heavy loads.


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