Get on the fast track

The more rugged the terrain, the more important it is to have a vehicle that is absolutely dependable and safe: like the Unimog U 4000/U 5000. The Unimog’s robust materials and outstanding workmanship, plus cutting-edge engineering guarantee that you are prepared to deal with every situation that may arise.

Double 3-point mounting

For twist and strain-free body mounting. Thus cab and body remain undamaged even during maximum axle twist.

Attachment and mounting areas

All implements and mounted bodies co-ordinated in close consultation with leading implement and body manufacturers. Your advantage: a comprehensive solution "Unimog plus implement" from a single source.

Power take-offs

To drive standard hydraulic pumps for cranes and excavators. Or to connect fire extinguisher pumps or other assemblies.

Hydraulic system

With a working pressure of up to 240 bar. Two connections each at front and rear, for instance for winches or cranes. The standardised connectors make it easy to connect correctly and impossible to mix up.


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