"Safetyplus Vehicle" from DEKRA

The official safety certificate for vans

The "Safetyplus Vehicle" certificate is awarded to vehicles offering high levels of active and passive safety. Certification is based on a nationwide, standardised listing of key criteria which determine whether a vehicle fulfils specific minimum requirements. In order to retain the vehicle's "Safetyplus" certificate, it is required that the owner has the vehicle checked for the presence and correct operation of all the safety-relevant equipment features at regular intervals.

The minimum requirements which have been defined are divided into two categories:

1. The first category assesses safety-related equipment features (e.g. disc brakes, ABS, the ESP Electronic Stability Program, load-securing rings, assistance systems or load restraining devices, etc.).

2. The second category requires the particular vehicle model to fulfil certain basic dynamic handling criteria (dynamic handling tests such as lane-change test, circle test, braking in a bend).

The categories are evaluated in terms of the contribution they make to

  • minimising the possible hazards for other road users
  • reducing the frequency of accidents
  • lessening the extent of damage resulting from a collision